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VIP-PLANOPT is a powerful general-purpose Facility Layout Optimization software for engineers, industrial planners, facility designers and architects. While it has a host of capabilities for solving large real-world industrial facility layout design problems, it serves as an excellent Teaching Aid in facility layout design.

Guarantee: A full refund is guaranteed if any other software produces better layouts for your facility layout problem.

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Distinct Features

When compared to other layout optimization software packages, Fully Automated Optimization, Unbeaten Performance and Unmatched Functionality highlight as the most distinctive features of VIP-PLANOPT. It is a practical and efficient tool for industrial facility layout designers. It can solve large problems of up to 1000 departments on a PC with a speed no other optimization algorithm can match and with guaranteed lowest cost layouts.

Easy Data Entry

VIP--PLANOPT minimizes the modeling and data input time. Most of the input requires just a few clicks of the mouse. To facilitate the process even more, VIP-PLANOPT provides meaningful tool tips guiding the engineer throughout the data entry phase.

Minimum User Interaction

The required input is basically simple and consists only of dimensions/areas of modules, and flow/cost matrix. VIP-PLANOPT does not require any initial design or user-specified tuning parameters. It generates layouts free from overlaps without any user interaction.

Pick-up and Drop-off Points

VIP-PLANOPT user can specify pick-up and drop-off points anywhere inside or on the boundary of a department with a click of the mouse pointer. Optimization produces the lowest cost layouts for the user-specified pick-up and drop-off points. Pick-up and drop-off points are indicated by green and red triangles in the display of optimal layouts.

Anchored Module

Layout designers require optimal layouts for departments of shape and dimensions they want and not the other way around. VIP-PLANOPT produces optimal layouts that exactly satisfy this requirement. Similarly, departments tagged as Anchored by the user are kept precisely and strictly at the user-specified locations in the optimal layouts.

Composite cost function

Composite cost function option allows the user to specify a weight on the area of the rectangle enclosing all the modules in the optimized layout. Optimization considers the constraints on maximum allowable module-to-module distance specified by the user.

Module Padding

Many applications require the departments to be separated from each other with empty space around them for reasons related to environment, safety, logistics etc. VIP-PLANOPT allows the user to specify padding of empty space around any number of departments. Optimal layouts are produced with empty spaces around the modules exactly as specified by the user.

Upper Bound on Inter-department Distance

VIP-PLANOPT can optimize with user-specified upper bounds on distances between any pair of departments. This capability is useful in applications where certain departments must be kept within a given distance.

Compare Alternative Layouts

Graphical display of the optimized layout allows the user to relocate any departments and compare the cost of alternative layouts. AutoCAD script file of the optimized layout is generated enabling the user to work on detailed design.

Negative Flow

VIP-PLANOPT allows the user to specify negative flow between any pair of departments. This capability is useful for applications where any two departments must be kept as apart as possible in the optimal layout.


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Why Facility Layout Optimization

Facility layout has profound effects on the organizational productivity and profitability. It is estimated that about 20-50% of operating costs in manufacturing relates to materials handling, a factor highly correlated to the quality of facility layout design. Superior facility layouts reduce materials handling costs, help streamline all operations, and reduce energy bills. It is estimated that billions of dollars are spent annually on material handling. Layout Optimization brings a drastic saving for any facility.

  • Industrial Facilty
  • Processing Plants
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Homes
  • Town Planning

For all above applications, PLANOPT produces layouts that no other layout optimization software can beat. For more than 30 years, PLANOPT software is around with a candid challenge:A full refund if any other software can produce better layouts for your facility layout problem.


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